Guided Meditations

Your Mandala of Now

Your, go-to, everyday guided meditation to help be in touch of the now.

Offer a Soul Plane Apology

A powerful guided meditation to bring harmony to a situation on the Soul plane.

Reconnect with your Inner Child

A powerful guided meditation to reconnect with your Inner Child.

Conscious Breathing

A quick guided meditation to help you relax and center in the present moment.

Tools for Awakening

The Universe Has Your Back

Useful paradigms for awakening

(Coming Soon)

Tools for Building Habits

Weekly Meditation Journal

A useful meditation journal to reflect on your meditations.

Emotions Chart

An emotions chart to help you understand emotional energy.

Monthly Meditation Tracker

A handy calendar to help you build a meditation habit.

Online Freewriting Journal

An online freewriting journal to help you clarify your thoughts