Let's find out which body needs the most love and attention!

I play crossword puzzles, games or enjoy reading.

I speak lovingly and kindly to myself, instead of beating myself up.

When I mess up, I easily forgive myself.

I meditate and/or am mindful of my thoughts.

I set strict work hours, allowing appropriate time to play and enjoy life.

I consciously acknowledge my feelings when they are present.

I express my emotions in a healthy and safe way.

When I feel an uncomfortable emotion, I investigate it.

When I feel sad, I cry, listen to music, journal or talk to a trusted friend.

When guilt arises, I resolve it quickly.

My body gets the appropriate nutrients it needs.

I move my body and work my muscles.

I get quality sleep.

I drink six to eight cups of water a day.

I listen to what my body is telling me and honor it.

I follow my intuition or gut.

I feel and express my gratitude.

I’m open to seeing the bigger picture and finding the opportunity or lesson in situations.

I spend time in meditative stillness or silence.

I express my creativity!